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Auschwitz and Leaving

I knew I was going to Auschwitz before I even booked my ticket here. It was/is an inevitable part of coming to Krakow. It should be. There’s no getting around it. It’s something you need to do. However, that said, I’ll admit that even the idea made me nervous. Continue reading

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Carrying on with an initial sense of purpose, which quickly dissipates

Two and a bit weeks ago I crawled off a long and much delayed flag from a rainy and overhung Liverpool to arrive here. Walking into the evening’s heat after leaving the airport was like walking in to a wall. The taxi from the airport took me through lush green countryside, with the occasional baronial chateaux cropping out from the ridge to my left. From there, we entered Krakow, it’s long, winding streets, shrouded on either side by medieval turrets and spires, all shimmering under the full force of the evening’s heat. I’m sorry if that all sounded a bit wanky, but I’m trying to set the scene. Otherwise the bit about sounds isn’t going to make any sense. Maybe I should have started with the dank industrial grey of Liverpool? Done a sort of contrast thing? No? Oh well… Continue reading

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